Facials & Treatments



European Facial


This relaxing customized facial hydrates and clarifies any skin type. A unique gel exfoliant preps the skin. After extractions, a cocktail of essential acids and natural antioxidants nourish and rejuvenate. The grand finish is an application of a customized mask followed by a moisturizer to meet your skin’s unique needs.


Deep Pore Cleansing Facial


The Ultimate Acne Eliminator! This facial is designed to give your skin a deep cleanse with salicylic cleansers, exfoliation, steam and a variety of serums to dissolve sebum and fight free radicals. Multiple masks blast oil and purge impurities, while calming agents and cold compresses mellow out and clarify the skin. It would not be complete without extra extraction time, moisturizer that won’t leave you oily, UV protection and a relaxing arm, neck and shoulder massage.


Eminence Organic Facial


Come and experience the ultimate relaxation facial with our organic facial by Eminence. After careful analysis of your skin we will design what specifically your skin needs or what you are looking for. In this facial, we will use all organic products that will leave you with the most luxurious feeling. Your skin will feel, refreshed & renewed.


Gentleman’s Facial


Guys we have been missing out! This advanced Men’s Science skin care regime, specifically designed for men, incorporates soothing and gentle botanicals to refresh, cleanse and soften skin which may be irritated from shaving. Indulge in aromatherapy hot towels, specialized masks and vitamin enriched serums for supreme relaxation. A deep neck and shoulder massage is included for the ultimate luxury. Please avoid shaving 24 hours before facial.


ZO Brightening Facial


Your skin looking a little tired and lacking luster or do you have a stubborn spot of hyper-pigmentation that you would love to lighten? With the brightening facial, we will use products that contain Vitamin C and black licorice root leaving your skin tone look more even and radiant.


ZO Anti-Aging Facial


If you skin needs luminosity and hydration this is the facial for you. After a close analysis of your skin we will combine the powers of ZO skin health to give your skin the most luxurious products, leaving your skin feeling hydrated, plump, & amazing.